My name is Austin Wright and I am from Dallas, TX. I currently live in Salt Lake City, UT where I attend school, photograph people and their lives, and having the occasional moment of spontaneity, go on adventures. I love all things beautiful, and love seeing what others think is beautiful. If you feel like telling me what you think is beautiful, I’m all ears. Also, I like photographs a lot.

On this blog, you may see me talk about my ideas or opinions, and you may see me simply update others about what I am up to. I will also post my wanderings and projects in the world of photographs. Hopefully it will remain interesting and inspire me or you to be more ourselves in some way. To those who wish to remain connected, I hope you can hear my voice as you read this. Voices are full of hidden joy.

This blog is also a way to communicate the common things, the thousands of strands which unite us to each other. Simple smells and tastes, the feeling of reaching your destination after a long road trip, the look your close friend gives you when they know you aren’t being truthful: these are all things we know and cherish, because they strengthen us. Just as “a cord of three strands is not easily broken,” we are better together.

Check out my other blog, a study in poetry on my history with all things sacred HERE.

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