Thomas & Alyssa >>> Salt Lake City Photographer

These are two of my best friends. They are my best friends.

Alyssa and I, well we go way back. Here’s a video to prove it.

Alyssa is the one in the green. I’m the one with no shirt on.

As for Thomas, we shared a 10×10 room with each other for three years and that will make anyone become either best friends or sworn enemies. I’m happy it turned out the first way. One time we decided to be two different iterations of Luke Skywalker at the same party. I handmade the costumes. Those were the days, man.


(Photo by the ever-gracious and talented Megan Shipley).

The pair of them have been with me for years, and they understand me better than most. And so when Thomas started dating Alyssa many years ago, it was weird, but so so good. I love them so much, and it makes me beyond excited that they are getting married in June. Also, its my return to the wedding party scene, where I was received with rave reviews back in 1998-1999 when I was ring bearer in many, many weddings.


My sister is holding the basket. I’m the one in the tuxedo.

But this time, I’ve upgraded to the position of groomsman, so clearly my reputation has preceded me. Here are some photos I took this week and a few weeks ago for Thomas and Lyss. They could make some gorgeous kids, I’ll say that much.

AustinWrightPhotography_Thomas-Alyssa_003AustinWrightPhotography_Thomas-Alyssa_037Austin Wright Photography_ThomasAlyssa_Ensign-77Austin Wright Photography_ThomasAlyssa_Ensign-37Austin Wright Photography_ThomasAlyssa_Ensign-82Austin Wright Photography_ThomasAlyssa_Ensign-89Austin Wright Photography_ThomasAlyssa_Ensign-49
Austin Wright Photography_ThomasAlyssa_Ensign-110Austin Wright Photography_ThomasAlyssa_Ensign-93

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