I’ve known Andrew since freshman year. Our sisters are good friends from college as well, and when Andrew and I moved to Waco, they obviously wanted their little brothers to be friends. And we are friends! Through various interconnections over the years, our friendship has changed like we have, shifting from one environment to the next. We’ve gone to church together, worked together, and even shared a queen sized bed in the Echo Hotel in Edinburgh, TX for a week. Needless to say, Andrew is one of my favorite people in Waco. There’s something really strong about a connection you make when someone is a part of something new at the same time as you. Freshman friends are friends you’ll always remember, even if you forget them. I haven’t forgotten Andrew, though.

Lindsey is his fiance as of a few days ago and we have also known each other for a few years. She’s fun and honest, which are two things that any man would be happy to find in a woman. Congrats to you both! It was an honor to photograph you guys!

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