The Jervis Family >>> Tyler Portrait Photography

Man oh man, do I love these people! If you could see me as I type this, you would see a huge grin on my face. Taylor and Lacey are two of my dearest friends in Tyler. I met them back in 2011 at Pine Cove and I have loved getting to know them more over the years since. Taylor is such a good friend. I appreciate his love for relationships and his desire to fight for others. Lacey is a bundle of the most concentrated fun energy you could find. She’s not crazy hyper- she’s just fun to be around. And she reminds me of my sister so much, during the summer months its like she IS my sister. And we all need a little sibling time during the summer. I got to spend a morning with the Jervis’ while I was in Texas at the beginning of the month, and it was possibly the best morning I’ve had all year. Elah is their new little baby girl, and she is the cutest (as you can see below). Taylor and Lacey– you guys are already such powerful parents! Elah is so blessed to have you guys!

Jervling_001Jervling_004Jervling_007 Jervling_008 Jervling_012 copy Jervling_025 Jervling_028 Jervling_029 Jervling_034 Jervling_044 Jervling_048Jervling_044Jervling_054 Jervling_060 Jervling_069

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