Personal – The Contemporary West

I went out with my brother, Trevor Wright, a few days ago to shoot a bit, for the sake of personal exploration. I’ve recently been thinking that someday in my future, after I live the city life I expect to live, I’d like to own a bit of land. It doesn’t need to be a large estate, nor does it need to be tillable or grazeable. It just needs to be enough to let me breathe a bit deeper and have a few barns full of things I can’t get rid of. That’s what’s on my mind, and so thats the inspiration for this shoot. I took my inner Texan out for a walk and got to know him a bit deeper. For some reason or another, I haven’t allowed my connection with the Wild West to be a part of my creative life until recently. After all, I lived 21 years in Texas. But even so,  I’ve been running away from warm tones and rustic landscape, and its freeing to consider those options again.

Dell_1 Dell_10Dell_2

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